Teacher Duos

Kiara Davis, Journalist

Teacher Duos are very popular around the school even though you may not see it. Many teachers at Ripon High School have a teacher duo. Some teacher duos are very loved and admired by people around RHS. 

“Oh, I just like her personality. She is really fun and very open, like she brings everybody in. She’s just not very judgemental, so she accepts who you are and she just laughs all the time and it doesn’t matter what it is; she is just funny and laughs,” said Mrs. Clevenger 

 Mrs. Clevenger loves Mrs. Cutino very dearly and admires her very much, especially her laugh! No one can go wrong with Mrs. Cutino’s laugh. They also love going the extra mile together during dress up days.

Clev is one of the strongest people I know. She inspires me as a mom and a teacher and she is an all  around awesome friend, and she has the best laugh ever!”

— Mrs. Cutino

Mrs. Cutino and Mrs. Clevenger are like twins, but Clevenger has gone above and beyond for Cutino for inspiring her. Mrs. Cutino and Clevenger are very close and are good friends and they bring each other up every day. 

 “I have known Mr. Wright for over 30 years, but for most of that time he was an aquaintance[…] but I would say the last 5 years since I have been working with him we’ve become good friends…,” said Mrs. Pendleton. 

Mrs. Pendleton and Mr. Wright work together on SuperFan and that has definitely made them closer friends since they work on a lot of that together.

 “Mrs. Ochoa and Velasco are great teacher duos, they act like brother and sister. Mrs. Clevenger and Mrs. Cutino are my all time favorite teacher duos at Ripon High,” said  Jacob Kretschmann.