2020 Presidental Election: Updates

Leslie Diaz-Guerrero, Journalist


The presidential election is coming up sooner and sooner and Americans across the country are ready to vote. With so many things required for this election, America is in anticipation to see whether President Donald Trump or Vice President Joe Biden will win the nomination on Nov. 3.

“Dozens of states have expanded their voting options this year to accommodate those who, out of a desire to avoid contracting or spreading the disease, wish to avoid voting in person on Election Day itself,” according to Isabella Isaacs- Thomas in “How risky is voting in Person?”

 Out of fear that Covid-19 may get worse with elections coming up, many states have brought new options for voters to choose from. Voting methods include early in-person voting or even sending their ballot by mail. While some states are practicing other methods to decrease fear caused by the virus, other states such as Tennessee, Texas, Indiana, and more are not considering general fear for Covid-19 but still are giving the option for early in-person voting.

For states where early ballots can be matched against a voter file, roughly 1 in 5 votes have come from someone who did not cast a ballot four years ago in the same state.”

— Kate Rabinowitz

It appears as the pandemic has not stopped voters from casting their votes. With more options available to citizens and encouragement to vote whether they voted in the last election or not, many people have already registered and have already cast their votes. 

“An astounding 42,143,836 Americans have voted, according to the tracker,” said Lisa Lerer in “What We Know About the Election From Early Voting.”

This number is 76 percent of the number of people who voted in the last election with still a week and a half available for people to vote. Experts encourage Americans to continue voting and to ignore poll stats as these numbers could significantly change on Election day.

With just a little under a few weeks there is left till Election day itself there  have already been so many things to take into consideration. It is always important to do research and to remember that each and every vote matters.

“There is still likely to be a significant in-person turnout on Election Day, especially among Republican voters. And that makes it very difficult to use this information as a predictor of the outcome,” suggested by Steve Chaggaris in “Analysis: Don’t be fooled by high early US voting numbers.”