Two Teachers, Same Name

How many students can say they had two teachers with the same name at two different high schools?  Well, we know this is true for one of our Ripon High Seniors, Ean Richards.  He transferred to RHS from Oak Ridge High School in El Dorado Hills midway through his freshman year. Little did he know this move would result in him having two teachers with the same name.

“I remember getting a text from my sister-in-law, Ann, telling me one of her students was moving to Ripon,” stated Ripon High biology teacher, Ann Pendleton. “I cracked up thinking – WOW, if I end up with him in my class, he will be the first student we’ve shared! Even funnier is the fact we share the same first and last names.”  

Both Anns are married to brothers who grew up in Ripon and graduated from Ripon High.  Having two Anns in the Pendleton family hasn’t been confusing. The Pendleton family has always called the Ripon Ann “Annie”, so when the second Ann entered the family, it truly wasn’t a problem keeping them apart.  Over the years, they’ve referred to each other as “Ann 1” and “Ann 2”, “Ann Sr.” and “Ann Jr.”, but normally one goes by Ann and the other Annie.

Ean was presented with a certificate recognizing “the dubious distinction of being the first student to survive being the student of two Ann Pendletons.”  Both Anns signed the certificate well over a year ago and had hoped to get a photo with Ean. However, the plans were spoiled by COVID and they just didn’t have the opportunity to get a photo together.

As far as how Ean feels about this unique honor: “It is an immense honor to be recognized as the only student that has had not one, but two Ann Pendletons. I know no one else on this planet will ever receive an honor as high as this, not even a five-star general. I would like to thank Ann Pendleton for giving me a great start to high school and Ann Pendleton for teaching me biology in a fun way.”