ZOTAC 2060 RTX Graphics Card Review

During quarantine, gaming has been on the high because people are looking for new hobbies. Gaming PCs (personal computer) require a lot of essential components that make the PC whole. Items this includes when building your own PC are, the graphics card, CPU, cooling system, motherboard, ram, etc. The ZOTAC 2060 RTX graphics card, and I will be comparing it with others and talking about its pros and cons.

The purpose of a graphics card is to increase the number of frames (frames being the amount of clarity being displayed on your monitor from your game, the more frames, the smoother the gameplay) displayed on your monitor. This graphics card can run 300+ frames, but you have to reduce your quality; you can run 140 – 220 frames on 1080p. Reducing the rate helps increase the frames because it can focus more on frames than other programs.

When building a gaming PC, graphics cards are very crucial. The ZOTAC 2060 RTX costs between $600-$1000, depending on where you buy it. There are many different types of brands that you can buy graphic cards from, but Nvidia is one of the best brands to buy them from. Walmart and Amazon are also good sellers, but sometimes they are overpriced.

This graphics card can be put in overclocking so you can get more frames, but if you do this for an extended period, it can lead to damage to either the motherboard or any of the other components in the system.

The ZOTAC 2060 RTX is one of the best and most affordable graphics cards out there; the only thing I would ask for is more HDMI ports since it only has one. Other than that, I truly recommend buying this graphics card. Overall I would give this a 8 out of 10, there are definitely better options but not for this price.