Ripon vs Escalon: Rival Game


We are approaching the end of the Boys Soccer season and there have been a lot of memorable and close games between our Ripon Indians and other schools in the league. One of those games being the away game on May 6 where we were out against Escalon High. Even though it was a loss for our Ripon Indians, it was still a very exciting and fun-filled game.

Playing against Escalon for any sport is always a fun occurrence since they have been our rivals for as long as anyone could remember. Although this particular game resulted in a loss for our school, it had many parents and students on the edge of their seats as it was a very close game, open for any of the teams to win. The score ended up being 5-4 with the last goal being made by one of our players, Hayden Beier in the last few minutes of the game. 

“My expectations for that game was for us to win on top. “I feel like if we communicated the game would have been different and also the score” described junior Luis Loya.

Whether a rival game may result in either a win or loss, they stand out against the rest of the games in the season. This game had many highlights within the game that will be memorable to the players. Players such as Sahil Afzal didn’t only score the first goal of the game but also got to score the first goal of his highschool career. 

Some highlights that I had was my first goal of my highschool career and one of my teammates also had an amazing free kick goal.

— Varsity Sophomore player Sahil Afzal

Games against our rivals are always filled with excitement and have everyone at the edge of their seats.

Although this game didn’t result in a win for our Ripon Indians it was still a game to remember. As all rival games work, this only gets players excited for next year’s season to return ready to win against their opponents.

“Well my expectation is to win every game no matter who we play but this was a game we as a team wanted to win but it didn’t come out the way we wanted it to end up” said Senior player, Hector Gonzalez.