Expand Your Jewelry Collection 2021


“Heineken Earrings recycled from aluminum cans ~ 1 of 5 photos” by Urban Woodswalker is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

The fashion industry has made a comeback in our jewelry pieces, giving us more trendy options than ever before. Between our chunky chains and rings, beaded and long pieces, and sunglasses, our generation is finding ways to accessorize your favorite bits.

Used as personal accessories, chunky jewelry has made a statement on your outfits, and even on the runway. The bulky chain worn adds not only more to the outfit in noticeability but makes sure to go with any look, whether vibrant or elegant. Same as chunky rings, which have definitely been the move recently, accessorizing on your hands with a variety of designs including carvings or colors that fit any style group. 

Colorful bead patterns in style right now, worn as necklaces, rings, and bracelets. As well as many websites sell beaded jewelry, they are easily accessible if wanting to get one personalized. Comes with an advantage in being easy to make, with your chosen set of beads and proper string from your local crafts store. 

 Your favorite charms, including the most gorgeous animals, foods, objects, signs, etc., to your liking are now attached to your earrings. Hoops especially and long chains dangling from your ears seem to be more in style, giving a soft glam look. 

Summer is here after a long winter and fortunately, sunglasses are the move again. Not only an advantage to the bright weather, but they’re seeming to be back in trend with your best-loved styles. Bringing back the chunky look, large sunglasses are one of the ideal pieces, also including triangle-shaped or colorful frames. 

Summer 2021 is carrying the chicest pieces, wearable with many different aesthetics and styles of preference. As easy to wear, these different jewelry essentials are a must to your collection, go steal some of the most gorgeous bits from your favorite stores now.