No Disease Stops Seniors From College


“Behind you, all your memories. Before you, all your dreams. Around you, all who love you. Within you, all you need,” Unknown. As if transitioning from highschool to college wasn’t hard enough, the class of 2020 was faced with an unseenly end to their senior year. Classes around the world had to abruptly end as the outbreak of COVID-19 made everyone go into quarantine. 

College is the most important part of a person’s life as they begin their adulthood. While it may seem fun, it is very overwhelming dealing with things such as looking for the right college to support your needs in what career you want to pursue, a place to stay like renting or a dorm, buying books if needed.

“It has been pretty easy preparing for college actually, I’ve been ready for college since I started highschool! Now with COVID, the most difficult thing is preparing for online classes vs going into lecture for class,” Senior Aubree Pelon stated. 

One of the exciting things is touring different college campuses to discover which campus is perfect for you. For seniors it is their decision to decide whether they are going to stay close to home, live on campus or off campus, or commute. 

Many campuses come with many different sports, clubs, facilities, and the prestigious programs. For example, if you want to pursue in the medical field, Davis is a top contender, Stanford is an amazing college for students of law, Calpoly excels in the engineering field, and Alabama is a top notch school for Division 1 football.

The surrounding area was very nice, I like the warmer weather, and the honors college had amazing facilities. Plus it is getting full tuition so that was hard to turn down

— Nico Ilardi