Different Start to the Year: Pow Wow


Times like these have taught us to make the most out of every situation, while still looking out for everyone’s safety. Ripon High, the best high school, has been an outstanding example of how a school should do just that and still go forward to making every event as smooth as possible. RHS was tested exactly for this with our kick-off to the school year, Pow Wow.
Pow Wow has been an event for students at RHS to see their class schedules, receive books, etc with no stress. The excitement present at Pow Wow every year, whether its students talking about their class schedules and comparing classes or even seeing the staff at Pow Wow and greeting everyone, it is always something to look forward to. Due to the Pandemic’s restrictions and regulations this year, Pow Wow had to be approached in another way. Although restrictions didn’t allow students and staff to greet one another, it was still made easy and most importantly safe for the students to gather necessities for the upcoming school year.
“The teachers and staff tried to make it as exciting as they could but comparing schedules through snap stories aren’t the same as in person. It was a new experience” said upcoming senior, Laila Irigoyen said.just
This year’s Pow Wow was significantly different from previous Pow Wows. Everything from the dates and times in which students could show up to where it was held, was changed to appropriately accommodate everyone’s safety and needs. It was held on four different dates, one for each grade level. You were then assigned a specific time in which you could go based on your last name as the list went in alphabetical order. Once there, you would be checked for high temperatures and were told to apply hand sanitizer. From here you would be told to go drop off paperwork and pick up books, schedules, and even technology if needed, whilst still keeping six feet away from everyone.

Of course I was sad to hear that it would all be social distancing………….. But I’m just as grateful that I got to see some of my teachers and advisory class there

— Zoe Barba

Pow wow was just as successful as it has always been. Although this year’s Pow Wow was different than used to, students and teachers still felt the excitement of the new school year coming ahead.
“This year’s Pow Wow was so smooth and well-run, I do give a virtual high five to Mr. Ramirez and his planning team because it was super slick”, teacher Mrs. Gillihan commented.