They Meet Again…


Rogelio Gonzalez, Journalist

One of the most-watched events in the U.S. is  the anticipated Super Bowl! It has been a strange year for sports due to COVID-19, but commissioner Roger Godell has done an amazing job getting the NFL season through in the middle of a pandemic!

An anticipated game that was being talked about by an abundant of  analysts and fans. The up and coming Patrick Mahomes is against the arguably best, Tom Brady. The last time these two have faced, in the regular season, Patrick Mahomes smoked the defense and won the game. This could potentially be a comeback game for the GOAT. 

“I believe the Buccaneers will win this game because you have the more experienced QB and a great defense vs a very talented QB and an ok defense,” sophomore Jacob Codde stated. 

The Superbowl kicked off and the kick was underway and it was a touchback. The Buccaneers started strong as they went up 14-6 going into halftime. Then after halftime, Tom Brady, doing GOAT(greatest of all time like things, finished the Kansas City Chiefs sending their whole team left empty-handed as the Bucs defeated the Chiefs in the Superbowl 31-9.

“I thought that the Buccaneers have a dominating defense that puts constant pressure on Patrick Mahomes. Their defense was also very good at forcing the Chiefs receivers to drop balls. The chiefs offense couldn’t do anything,” stated sophomore Diego Montoya 

The Halftime show was nothing less than spectacular. This year’s performer was singer The Weekend. An interesting thing the Weekend decided to do was use $7 million out of his pockets to contribute to the halftime show! Considering the circumstances due to the virus, he was able to put on an amazing performance including a beautiful city scenery, an orchestra recreating the instrumental for his music, and more. 

I’ve been a big fan since the beginning so seeing him perform on the big stage really warmed my heart and seeing how he portrayed his new album was amazing! When he performed a song from his first album, it really made me feel like he really does remember his old roots and his fans”

— Dominique Downey