He’s All That


The movie “He’s All That” is a remake of a teen romance movie “She’s All That” made in 1999. Before the movie got released to the public, lots of people did not have high hopes for this movie because it starred the TikTok Influencer Addison Rae. 

The movie starts out when Padgett (Played by Addison) wakes up and goes live on TikTok as an influencer, which makes sense the movie is based in Southern California and there will be dozens of TikTok influencers. She then relies on her sponsorships to help to support her very overworked mom to gain money. She lives in a small house and pretends her life is fancier than it seems. While meeting her superstar boyfriend she goes live to surprise him and freaks out and catches him cheating, and gets turned into a meme “Bubble Girl”. 


Then enters Camron who is the boy who wears band shirts and flannels and screams at the e-boys, and the film’s central bet is if Padgett can turn Camron into a popular boy and prom king. At a point in the movie the film leads to horseback riding and Padgett takes a selfie of her and the horse, Camron then says “You can’t just enjoy this without sharing it with 500 strangers?”.

“ “He’s All That” is really cute, Addison Rae definitely could have done a little better job with her acting, but it was a really cute movie.” freshman Tatiana Perez said.

Kourtney Kardashian made an appearance. She portrayed the role of a beauty manager, and Padgett loses her beauty sponsorship from not a big embarrassing thing, like a snot bubble coming out of her nose? Then proceeds to lose 100,000 followers.

“It was fun, better than expected, but predictable.” junior Emily Sesser said. 

At the end of the movie when Padgett won Prom queen and gives a speech, the outcome was “Social Media is Fake” and we’re made to understand that a lot of influencers aren’t perfect, throughout the film Padgett lies to her friends about how she lives in this fancy apartment when she really lives in a tiny house on the other side of the street. But when in reality, they do get snot bubbles and pimples.

Overall this movie was just as cheesy as everyone expected it to be. And it’s riddled with community errors and maybe it’s what “He’s All That” needed to be.