A Look At Our Winter Sports

Liliana Loya, Journalist

Hello, Ripon High Indians! For those of you whose favorite sports are soccer, basketball, or wrestling, you have good news coming your way. Our winter sports are coming up, and they are specifically: girls and boys soccer, and basketball, and wrestling.

This years girl’s soccer team is being coached by Coach Isacc. Our JV and Varsity teams both look strong. Especially varsity whose record is impressive. As for boys soccer both teams are looking very promising. To give more credit to is Coach Taa, also known as Mrs. Taa who will train these boys to be their best, and bring back wins for our school!

Our basketball teams have always been victorious. This year’s teams are sure to put another one on the shelf. Both boys and girls teams contain players who have already played basketball and have some experience. You can say we have the upper hand. Coach Herrin, also known as Mr. Herrin, the boys basketball coach has lead them to victory many times before so he’s sure to do it again. Be sure to catch some games because you’re in for an entertaining event!

Lastly, wrestling. Last year, two of our seniors placed eighth in their weight class. This year we are hoping for the same results, if not better! All the new comers have had a great example set for them. With this being said, this years wrestling team is sure to have a great season!

A quick reminder to all students interested in sports, especially the winter ones. Remember to keep working hard, and keep those grades up to be qualified to play on your team of choice. With any luck you may be the M.V.P. So take no chances!