Book to Crown: Grand Marshall 2022


Leslie Diaz-Guerrero, Journalist

Homecoming week is the week many students and staff look forward to in the year. Activities and traditions range from the dress up days, the lip sync battle and more. One of the most memorable traditions Homecoming brings every year is the announcement of the year’s Grand Marshall. This year’s Grand Marshall was Ripon High’s beloved and appreciated Librarian, Mrs Ulrich. 

“I would say it was overwhelming. I am incredibly honored to have been selected. I am more of a behind the scenes personality and the extra attention is overwhelming but I do appreciate the love and support the students and staff have given me,” described Ulrich. 

Prior to working at Ripon High, Mrs. Ulirich worked at Colony Oak elementary for 10 years in special education as an aide. During her years as an aid she recalls seeing students and how they slowly fell distant from the library as they grew older. A few years later when she was presented with the job offer of being Ripon High’s librarian, she felt it was a chance for her to help unify students with the library again and create a safe environment.

“I have absolutely loved my job. […] Where I am working I feel like I am working with family and I love the fact that my job is different everyday due to the different needs of the students and staff,” stated Ulrich. 

 Mrs. Ulrich has now been a part of the tribe for 7 years and states that her favorite part of her job is that every day is something new to look forward to. With her job and her workspace being the library she hopes to provide a place for anyone and everyone to feel safe at, come hang out with their friends, or just stop by to comfortably do work.