Students and Their Dogs

lexi hyer

Everybody knows a dog is a man’s best friend.  Dogs may not be your whole life, but they make your life whole.  Dogs can benefit people in many ways.  Some ways dogs can benefit people are in things to do with your health. Some dogs can sniff out cancer and tell if you have it or not, and some dogs can stop you from eating foods you are allergic to.  Dogs can calm you down when you are in serious high-stress situations, they help us recover psychologically from a crisis, and can be a cure for loneliness.  A study has shown that owning a dog can make you more attractive to potential love matches. Many people own dogs including students at my school.  I interviewed three students at my school and what they enjoy about their dog.

“I like to blow on her face and then she gets really mad and pouts, and I think it’s really cute.” said sophomore Lindsey McDonald.

Lindsey also says that her dog, Bailey, is the love of her life.  She enjoys cuddling with Bailey and playing with her when she gets home from school.


“I like everything about Ellie,” said junior Chucky Candido.

Chucky said that Ellie likes car rides and that she also likes to stick her head out the window and let the breeze hit her face.  He also likes to play tug-a-war with Ellie and cuddle with her on the couch as he watches tv.  Ellie also loves to eat hot cheetos.


“Lou is honestly my favorite, and he is the love of my life.” said sophomore Elisabeth Fereria.

Elisabeth also loves to cuddle with Lou because he’s like a “teddy bear.” Lou likes to eat cheez-its and cuddle on the couch.  Lou gets to sleep on the couch with a blanket on him every night.

“I honestly enjoy every moment with my dog and am very grateful for him. He’s my best friend,” said Elisabeth Fereria.