Ripon v Capital Christian

lexi hyer

On Friday, November 11th, Ripon was getting ready to play Capital Christian in the playoffs.  Ripon continually put up a fight against Capital Christian, but Capital Christian put up a bigger one. It wasn’t hard to notice the opposing team was bigger than Ripon, but that didn’t stop the team. This game could have possibly been the seniors last game.

“I was sad the season was over. We had a good season, grinded all year, now that the season is over we can get ready for next year.” said sophomore quarterback Ryan Daggett #11.

In the beginning Capital Christian’s defense put up a fight against Ripon’s offense, and made it nearly impossible to get passed. Capital Christian scored three times whereas Ripon didn’t score at all, leaving the score 21-0 after the first quarter.

In the second quarter Ripon still never gave up, putting up a strong fight against Capital Christian. Capital Christian had the ball on the 1 yard line, about to score, but then they fumbled on the .5 yard line and Ripon recovered the ball. A penalty against Ripon caused them to move 5 yards back from this bad play came a great one. James Gaalswyk, #42, intercepted a pass from Capital Christian’s quarterback.

“I’m not excited about it but the kids played hard and gave it everything they had, those kids on Capital Christian’s team just had more talent than we did.” said head coach Chris Musseman.

In the third quarter, receiver Aaron Paschini, #3, scored a 49 yard touchdown with 5 minutes and 10 seconds on the clock. They didn’t score again in the fourth quarter, leaving the score 56-7. They played their hardest.

“I felt a little sad considering that it was my last high school football game but we tried our hardest and I couldn’t be any happier with the teammates I had this year and our season.” said senior receiver Myles Kinsey, #21.