Freshman Takes On Varsity

Abbi Kissee

Reina Sausedo, only freshman on the varsity basketball team.  Reina Saucedo is very successful when it comes to academics and basketball.  She currently has a 4.0 and starts on varsity basketball.  She has been playing basketball for many years including rec and travel.  She has devoted herself to basketball.  Reina said, “It is great to be able to say I’m on varsity as a freshman.”  She is proud to say her, “Coaches have a lot of confidence in me.”  She was unsure on how much playing time she would get considering she s only a freshman.  Her thoughts were quickly changed when she started on her first game.  Reina said, “Being on varsity is great.  One of my favorite parts is mang the friends i have now.  At first i thought  would be judged or left out.”  She is also joined on the court with her sister, Rachel Sausedo.  Reina said, “ i was happy to find out i would be on the same team as my sister.  I have not played on the same team as her n years.  It is also fun to bond with her in a competitive way.  Reina is very committed to basketball, “i am very committed to basketball.   Am happy that  worked hard enough to be on varsity.  My dream one day would be able to play basketball for Uconn.”file_000