Places to Eat Around Ripon

Abbi Kissee

 Ripon is a small city and doesn’t have a ton of places to go and see.  One thing that we do have though is good food.  If you go down Main Street you can’t go far without seeing a place to eat.   If you like food Ripon’s the place for you.


         You can never go wrong when going to eat at Edes Tacos.  The Mexican food they serve there is some the best in town.  One student Will Sanford said “ I like the food there, especially the tacos.  The service is fast as well, which is good if you’re in a hurry.”  It’s in downtown Ripon on Main Street within walking distance of Ripon High School.   Edes is relatively inexpensive and you could a meal for around 5 bucks.


          Another one of my personal favorites is Masumi which is a Japanese restaurant next to the local Savemart.   Even if your are not a sushi lover, Masumi offers a wide variety of dishes.  Somes of those dishes include, chicken teriyaki, vegetable tempura, and fried rice and noodles.   Masumi is little more expensive, an entree can range from 10- 15 dollars.


     Other restaurants to check out are Canal Street Grill, Burgess Bakery, and of course Pizza Plus.