Things to Do Over Spring Break

Abbi Kissee

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Spring break is just around the corner. Many people are wondering what to do.The weather is getting warmer which means summer is just around the corner and there is a lot of things you can do. Here are 20 top things to do over break with friends, family, or even yourself.

1)Go to the beach

2)Go on a hike

3)Read a book

4)Go shopping

5)Get a temporary job

6)Take a road trip

7)Plan a sleepover

8)Bake desserts

9)Go on a run

10)Go to the park

11)Volunteer your free time

12)Take your dog on a walk

13)Go exploring

14)Go to  your local bead store

15)Go to the movies

16)Get some frozen yogurt or ice cream

17)Explore cities

18)Catch up on sleep

19)Take a nice swim

20)Go to the gym

Spring break is the time to catch up on everything you have missed out on during school. Since school at times can be very stressful, this break is very much needed. Many would just catch up on sleep for spring break but there is more to do than just that.

“I like spring break the most because I get to catch up on sleep and I can just relax for a while before finishing up school” said Alana Holland

People seem to like spring break better than any other break due to the fact the weather is warmer and everything is in blossom which makes Ripon especially look very pretty. A lot of students look forward to spring break because school is almost over and it excites everyone.

“Spring break to me is a lot of fun because I get to go swimming and just take a break from school. This break is great because we’re almost out of school and it gets me excited for summer break” said Araceli Gonzalez