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Abbi Kissee

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A TV series that is very good according to most teens is Gossip Girl. The show takes place in the streets of New York. Gossip Girl is full of scandalous secrets. The main characters are Blair, Serena, Dan, Nate, Jenny, Chuck, Lily, Rufus, Vanessa, Ivy, Bart, Georgina, and Dorota. The show is full of secrets. All the characters have had some type of interactions with one another. A lot of teens get hooked onto the show because of the characters. Chuck Bass one of the main characters is the rich high school kid. Every girl likes him. His personality at first can come off rude but as the show goes on you get to know why he is the way he is. Blair his lover in the show is also the popular high school girl who ever girl wants to be due to her fashion statements and money. Chuck and Blair are on and off in the show which can be very irritating at times because viewers want them to be together. Serena who is personally a lot of people’s favorite character is known to be the prettiest girl in high school. You can easily fall in love with her because of the way she is. Nate the cutest boy in high school is one of the main characters. He is known to be the perfect rich suburb kid. Gossip Girl is a secret. It always knows what is going on and when there is a juicy secret Gossip Girl sends out a “tweet” to everyone. No one knows who Gossip Girl is but when they find out everyone is in shock. 

Everyone in the show has their own type of personality. Some you will love and some on the other hand will make you irritated. But everything at the end works out for the best. The show has a good start. Unlike some shows this certain show starts off good and stays good throughout the whole show.

“I really like this show because of how all the characters interact with each other and how they all have a strong bond between one another. This show is my favorite because of its location is very good.” said sophomore Araceli Gonzalez

This shows rating would be a 10/10 from me. The only thing I would change about the show is how some characters such as Jenny just leave. I wish they made their role more important and would have analyzed why exactly they left.
This show is good to be because of how the characters interact with each other. They have a strong bond and you can relate to them in a way. The first 3 seasons are relatable because they are still in high school and some of what they do is what we would do. The location New York makes the show 10x better because it’s so pretty and the city life for them seems way more fun than any other location.

Abbi Kissee, Videographer

Abbi Kissee is a senior at Ripon High School and this is her second year on the Smoke Signal News staff. She looks forward to sharing with the school and...

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