Fidget Spinners Are Taking Over

lexi hyer

A new invention has been brought upon children. The fidget spinners. Everyone is intrigued by this new spinning device. Many people have purchased the item. You can walk down your school hallways and see at least two to three students with one of these new fidget spinners.


A basic fidget spinner consists of three prongs centered around one circle with bearings. If you take one of the three prongs and spin it, the thing circulates just like a fan does.


This new invention is said to help students with an attention disorder focus. Crista Hopp, an ADHD coach based in Virginia, said “when hands or any other body part is moving, an individual is able to focus more on what they need to.”


This doesn’t mean it is true. Many teachers have found that it is more distracting to their students when they are actively using a fidget spinner. Some claim that it doesn’t make a noise while others claim you can hear it whirring as it spins.
Many children across the world have a fidget spinner and it is yet to be found whether or not it is distracting to students or actually helpful.