Defeat Against Sutter Only Makes Ripon Stronger

lexi hyer

(Picture by: Janessa Interbitzen)

With Sutter up 36-0 in the 4th quarter, Ripon High School’s varsity football players did not give up against Sutter High School. With just over two minutes left, running-back, Jacob Gahm scored the touchdown that put Ripon on the board.

“I was playing quarterback when I scored, but I’m normally running back,” Gahm said, “It felt good to put points on the board so we didn’t get shut out.”

Ripon High went up against Sutter High at home on Friday, September 22. Ripon’s overall standing is 3-2-0 and Sutter is 3-1-0.

Going into the game many people were very hesitant on whether Ripon would win, but they did not let it affect their game.

“We expected it to be a tough game and for them to be a great team, but didn’t expect it to end like that,” Dylan Sexton said.

The first half was tough on Ripon while Sutter got 5 touchdowns, the first within 30 seconds of kickoff.

“It made us want to play harder,” Justin Hansen said, “During halftime we seemed a little down but our coach inspired us to not give up and keep playing hard.”

In the second half Ripon’s defense was able to hold Sutter back, not letting them make another touchdown.

“I’m really proud of our defense for stopping an offense like Sutter’s in the second half,” Jesus Torres said, “They probably have the toughest offense we ever faced but our defense proves to be full of potential.”

Ending the game 36-6 showed Ripon High’s players how they can improve for their next game against Mountain House.

“We all can get better at the fundamentals of the game. That was a great team, and we can learn from how they executed and approached the game,” said head coach Chris Musseman, “If you want to be a great team you have to have great competition, and that is what they provided.”