Hangout, Relax and Watch Movies with Movie Club

lexi hyer

Movie Club is a club where students get together on Tuesdays around 7 o’clock and watch movies. It has been around for a while but the students decided to ‘reinstate’ it this year.

“In the past, it was really for analyzing and criticizing films, but now we just take it as an opportunity to hang out with people to enjoy movies at RHS.” club officer, Branden States said.

Together the president, Mitchell Ulrich, and vice president, Griffin Brow and the other club officers pick five movies, none allowed to be R-rated. From those five movies, they choose one that they’ll watch every month with whoever comes to watch it.

“It’s a fun and chill environment,” vice president Griffin Brow said, “where everyone can hang out and have a good time.”

The club watches the movies in the school library. Where a few couches, many chairs, and an open floor are provided for students to sit. Students bring their own blankets, pillows, wear their PJs and even bring their own snacks to snack on during the film.

“I think the club was a much-needed addition for our school. All the clubs before us were set around either working or dressing up,” club officer Daniel Pankey said, “ Our club is simply just to hang out with friends, relax, and watch movies. With all the work students do, why not take a break once and awhile?”