Staying In The Game

The Varsity Boys Soccer Team just “can’t let up”

Lexi Hyer, Journalist

In the 29th minute of the second half Armando Garcia’s shot rocketed into the upper right of the goal matching Ripon and Riverbank 2-2.

After being fouled,  Garcia received a free kick just outside the 18 (the top of the box). After he made the goal, the crowds went wild with excitement because Garcia had just tied the game.

“I decided to risk it because we were down 2-1 and we needed a goal to keep us in the game and I noticed the wind could help curve the ball,”said midfielder and forward, Armando Garcia, ¨I looked at my coach and asked if he wanted me to cross or shoot and he said it was up to me so that’s why I took the shot.”

On Friday the 19th, Ripon High’s varsity boys soccer team went up against Riverbank High’s team. The game was on Ripon’s home field and started at 5:30 pm. Ripon’s overall league rank is 1-2-1.

In the first half Ripon’s varsity boys soccer team was behind 0-2 but it did not keep them stop playing hard and keeping their heads up.

“I think we played a great first half. But the second half we let up, we just mentally gave up but overall I think we played great just can’t let up” said left back, Kennedy Calderon.

When the second half started they were still trailing behind until, at 30:44, Alfredo Limon, scored a goal, putting them 1-2. Nineteen minutes later, Ripon scored again. After receiving a free kick, Armando Garcia, scored a goal, making the score 2-2, with eleven minutes remaining.

“Our team felt really confident because we began to feel like we could easily score two more goals.” said center mid, Alfredo Limon.

Having the game tied gave them hope that they will be able to win. After four minutes, Riverbank scored, giving them the lead, with six minutes left, and won the game.

“We’re a fast team and a lot of us have good chemistry with one another and enjoy playing together,” said midfielder, William Sanford, “We can improve on spreading the field, because we clustered a lot this game, and looking for the backside cross. Next time we should play with a better mentality and not let the game get to us so soon.”