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That’s a wrap on our 2018 Talent Show

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The participants of the 2018 Talent Show line up after a successful night, marking the end of this year’s Winter Fest.

As the week of school spirit came to an end and RHS said their last goodbyes to the Winterfest, the festivities were topped off with the talent show. Ripon High held its 2nd annual Talent Show on Friday, January 26th.

This year, the talent show was an immense success, with over 300 students and community members showing up to support the RHS students who showcased their talents. In comparison to 2017, the crowd grew by over a hundred people.

The talent show was originally created and organized by Junior Seneca Rubianes and this year, Rubianes joined with Mrs. Mortensen, activities director, and Mr. Felver, music director, to coordinate the show.

Acts from the show were kicked off by Nico Ilardi playing the saxophone and Mr. Felver on the piano performing a Disney Medley duet. The majority of the events consisted of singing acts, however, acts like students playing piano, violin, and performing martial arts were featured as well. Crowd favorites included Skyler Kahan and Dallas Waters singing “I can’t make you love me” by Adele, Seneca Rubianes playing Lindsey Sterling on the violin, and Ashlee Gomez singing Callum Scott’s “Dancing on my own,”. The talent show concluded with the amazing RHS barbershop quartet who performed a set.

Justin Bright, junior at RHS in charge of the barbershop quartet was happy with their performance Friday night.

“I thought [the talent show] was really well put together,” Bright says, “It was a really enjoyable experience.”

Mrs. Mortensen describes her thoughts on improvements for next year, “I want to see more kids come out and showcase what they can do. I know it’s not easy to put yourself out there.” 

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That’s a wrap on our 2018 Talent Show