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Say Goodbye to RHS’s favorite “Good Guy”

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Jesus Torres (2nd from the left) and other friends line up at College Reveal Night on Tuesday, May 8th.

Known as the ¨all-around good guy¨, his reputation precedes him. Jesus Torres, awarded the Good Guy award two years in a row and loved by all of his peers is a dedicated student-athlete; he is also a graduating senior of 2018.

Jesus Torres will soon walk out of Ripon High, diploma in hand, and begin the next part of his life at Sacramento State, where he will be spending the following four years of his life.

“I’m excited,” Torres says, “It’s always going to be a little scary to move away from what you know, but it’s a fun process too.”

Torres decided to keep an open mind going into college, in order to determine what his real interests are. He is going into Freshman year undecided, but he finds interest in certain majors, one being nursing.

Contrary to the image that a nursing major might bring, Torres spent a considerable amount of time dedicated to Ripon High´s football program. He played all four years as a defensive line-men and was an essential part of Ripon’s success throughout their wins. Torres had no prior experience until high school.

“It was hard to start as a freshman not knowing how to play but I was able to learn quickly.”

This, however, required many, many hours of practice, focus, and hard work to accomplish.

¨Football probably gave me some of my greatest memories at Ripon High. All of the team dinners and just hanging out with the guys,¨ Torres says, ¨those are what I will remember most.¨

Despite his passion for football and the love for playing the sport that grew over the years, Jesus decided to not follow a path that included football in his college career. Torres was given offers for scholarships from colleges who were interested in having him play for their schools, but ultimately, Torres applied and was accepted to Sacramento State.

Torres also considered Stan State, San Jose State, and Humboldt where he was also accepted but he chose Sac.

¨My brothers go to Sac and so I’ve been around there a lot,¨ Torres explains, ¨I really love the atmosphere and the people. They are all just so nice to me.”

The road to becoming Jesus as he is today, however, has not been easy.

“The application process was time-consuming,” explains Torres. “It took a lot of time and effort, especially when you apply to many different colleges. Senior year has been a lot of fun, but stressful too.”

“My advice for students is to get involved and meet new people. Also keep your grades up because it will reflect on you badly if you don’t try when you apply to colleges.” Jesus continues.

Though many students pass through high school without making much of a mark on anything or anyone, there will always be some whose presence is definite. That much can be said for several among this graduating class. Jesus Torres is a student who no-doubt left a mark, as two time recipient of the Good Guy Award here at Ripon High. Aside from this big accomplishment, he has had an incredible and unforgettable influence on many other students, faculty, and friends at RHS. Torres’s presence is definite and will not go forgotten at RHS as he moves to a four- year university and continues into the next part of his life.


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Say Goodbye to RHS’s favorite “Good Guy”