Walking into a Winter Rally


Macie McPeak

RHS students and facutly came together to enjoy the Night Rally.

Ripon High schoolers came together joyfully in the Multi Use Building (MUB) to celebrate the holiday season. On December 4, RHS showed their spirit with a night rally. The students were excited to see what the night brought as they mingled, drank hot cocoa, and played games.

This night was full of fun festivities. It included an ugly sweater contest, a contest for making the best outfit from wrapping paper, eating Oreos from your forehead, a fashion show for warm and fuzzy dress up week, and the display of Christmas trees made by classes, teachers, and clubs from RHS. There were also performances from the band and the KClub.

“For me the most enjoyable moment of the Christmas night rally was seeing my friends in KClub do the dance,” senior Savanna Mendoza said.

The KClub prepared for months as did the RHS band to give a short concert and dance that the high schoolers enjoyed. The band created holiday spirit with many Christmas and holiday songs. The audience cheered in excitement as the KClub performed, decorated with glow sticks in the dark.

“I loved looking at the Christmas trees… my favorite was the tree with all the senior quotes on it,” senior Janie Chapin said.

RHS had many trees decorated ad displayed in the MUB. There was trees from Girls’ League, the Junior Class, Mr. Perez’s class, and multiple others. The students stood in awe, gazing at the creative trees many students and teacher created.

“People should go to the night rallies to get involved with the school more and to make new friendships with others,” freshman Caitlyn Campbell said.