Unfriend Social Media

When your phone vibrates or dings people have an instinct to dig out their phone from their purse or pocket to look at the notification. The average american looks at their phone 150 times a day, Kenneth Burke stated. Social Media is addictive, dangerous, and affects mindsets.

There is no coincidence that Facebook is the most used social media app and is considered the most addictive, according to Statista, the Statistic Portal, and K104.7, a popular morning show. Social media is taking over young minds with notifications and worrying about what posts will make them look the “best.” What young people don’t realize is that social media networks like Facebook have the same effect as cocaine does on the brain, writer Kit Smith reports.

Once people are exposed to social media, they begin to worry about “likes” or who is posting what. Eventually, they become conditioned to check their phone at least every hour. They inspect social media once they get up in the morning and right before they go to bed at night. They constantly listen for notifications. Social media is made to be addictive.

Dating apps are full of unknown people who want relationships. People make profiles and have pictures of who they are, but there is no dependable way to check the validity of the person’s profile. This becomes a very dangerous situation. Many people lie on social media about who they are; they could be a serial killer or a criminal. When strangers meet out of the digital world, one could end up kidnapped or even murdered.

People treat social media like a face to face conversation. When they post or chat, and no comments come up, it has the same effect as being ignored in a face to face conversation. In conversations on a screen, people get used to thinking about the ideal response, resulting in troubles communicating face to face.

When texting or messaging, a person can be more courageous in what they say. Talking face to face becomes more problematic because people get used to simply shutting off their phone if things get complicated. Teengagers’ communication skills do not develop with the youth of social media. These skills are imperative in job interviews and can result in lack of jobs, which greatly affects your future.

Social media greatly affects your life in multiple ways. It can prevent you from acquiring life skills that will assist you in supporting your future. Hazardous situations can occur with dating apps. Unhealthy habits are created with notifications. Save yourself the worry and ditch the drug called social media.