Why We Read

Do the books we read in school benefit us and how much of an impact do they have on us?


Taitem Brown, Journalist

When we hear our English teachers announce we are reading a new book we often don’t know why or we think it is just for the curriculum, but often those books have an impact on us in the future. The books we read in high school have a purpose and benefit us even if we hardly recognize it. Certain books have given us so many emotions, advice and new perspectives on life which we can use later on as we begin to experience more.

“Without constant exposure and literature we won’t be able to understand all aspects of writing,” senior Craig Valdez said.

Even just physically reading books frequently benefits us. We might not think we always understand the book or gain much knowledge, but there is always something to take away. The practice of reading can expand our vocabulary and enhances our comprehension. Understanding what we are reading is important, but even if we don’t we can still manage to learn something.

Without constant exposure and literature we won’t be able to understand all aspects of writing”

— senior Craig Valdez

“Even though some of the books are boring, being exposed to classic literature has helped me develop my vocabulary and has improved my rhetorical thinking. It has also helped me discover what books I enjoy and which I don’t,” senior Dallas Waters said.

A lot of students don’t enjoy reading and the idea of being forced to read a book for a grade makes them miserable. However, if students get into the habit of reading and find even just one good book they like it can make them interested in more books that are out there.

“Seeing how these children were being forced to make life-altering decisions on a deserted island enabled my class and me to have shared a few laughs and reminisce on sad moments,” senior Shaista Afzal said.

Books are a like a different world that people can escape into at any time. They give us knowledge and guidance and allow us to find a whole new adventure while being at peace. The content in books can often give us specific advice that we needed to hear.

The books we read in high school aren’t meant to just improve our vocab or our comprehension, but also gives students characters to identify with, and ideas to agree or argue with. The books we read in high school do benefit us and let us enhance our knowledge on many different levels.