Busy Schedules at RHS


Haven Gutierrez, Journalist

    To some, summer is a time of fun, relaxation, and vacations. To others, it is seen as a chance to earn money, gain experience, and build up resumes. With several job openings in Ripon students have taken the chance to hold down jobs during summer as well as having fun. Some students have even decided to maintain these jobs throughout school and carefully balance academics, extracurriculars, and work. 

    Maintaining a job and good grades during school and summer usually can be pretty tough trying to find time to do homework, hangout with friends, sports, and other responsibilities that teenagers have. 

 “ […] It balances out most of the time, but I only work four hours per shift so I usually have time at night to work on homework,” said Roundtable server Mackenzie Perry, junior.

     Despite the busy schedule, having a job definitely has its benefits, due to the fact that having a job at this young of an age demonstrates extreme responsibility and devotion. Although having a job now may not seem the most fun, it can be the place where you develop the best relationships and share unforgettable memories with coworkers. 

     “A lady’s car broke down in the drive through and I helped push it out, then we kinda just gave her food to her for free,” stated Jack in the Box worker Brandon Boyce, senior.

     One of the most important factors to having a job is the life skills and experience that accompanies it as well. These jobs are one of the first working environments that students have encountered, therefore being the greatest learning experience and it can somewhat give highschool students a “jumpstart” on life, or come in handy when being listed on a resume for future applications.

      “I think it would look very good on a resume because it gave experience in people skills,” said former Poot’s Cactus worker Amanda Veltkamp, junior. 

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