Catching up with TA’s


Brian E. Gutierrez, Journalist

Ripon High is Starting the new 2021-2022 school year with new student TA’s. A TA is a teacher’s assistant. Last 2020-2021 school year, counselors sent out TA forms to upcoming Juniors & Seniors who were interested during their annual balloting process. This school year, students are able to TA in certain classrooms, front office areas, the counseling office, district office, and cafeteria.

Students enjoy being a TA for many different reasons. Sometimes the atmosphere of being around a staff member really makes their day, or even they just enjoy the different experiences versus what you would see in a normal classroom setting. 

“Being a TA at the office is not that difficult, I really like helping people. It’s nice talking to staff members that come in and out of the office. I feel that I’m up to date with events that go on at school,” said front office TA Riley Rangel, senior. 

There is a big difference between all the areas you can TA in. Office TA’s engage more one-on-one with staff members and experience more duties related to guiding students or running errands for staff. A classroom TA, however, does more busywork such as grading papers, hanging posters, making seating arrangements, etc. 

“I TA for one of the English teachers here on campus and I usually spend my time helping her staple papers, pin pictures on her wall, and passing certain assignments out,” said Trysta Nicolosi, senior. 

Being a TA is an experience like no other elective class you can take here at RHS. Many students jump at the opportunity to be a TA for the benefits that it offers. This can be because it is a way to bond and help certain staff members or just simply because it’s laid back most of the time. This all depends on where and when you are chosen to TA.

 “I love how laid back it is when I TA in the counseling office, I like how I can catch up with homework before my 6th-period class,” stated Derek Nguyen, senior.