Fresh as a Freshman


Diana Diaz Aguirre, Journalist

Ripon High restarts into a normal school year since Covid, although it’s important for Ripon High’s freshman to enter highschool with a prepared mindset and right protocols. The four years of high school you endure are based on your ultimate decisions relating from education to social life, hence the importance of starting high school on the right foot. 

With hundreds of new faces at school, one may surround yourself with different kinds of influences and peer pressures. Hanging out with the wrong crowd may lead to poor decisions, hence why it’s not recommended for lower classmen . Friendships in highschool are influential which is why it’s healthy to surround yourself with positive individuals.  

“Don’t get attached to certain people just because you’re meeting new faces so it’s easy to not get in with the right crowd,” said Gabi Illardi, junior. 

Making local connections throughout Ripon can also have a beneficial impact on your reliability. A good way of doing this is by joining clubs, teams, classes, or volunteering. Illardi continued to state “They (freshmen) should not be afraid to get involved and get out of their comfort zone, that’s my biggest piece of advice.”. Getting involved in school events and helping your community has a beneficial impact on your social status and looks good on future references.

Furthermore, freshmen should keep in mind to just relax and make memories out of your first year in high school. It’s the easiest of all four years. Furthermore, it will be of great regret to ruin it with overthinking and slacking off. Many of us are still figuring out who we want to be and remaining open to the possibilities around us is key.

“Just know that you’re not the only ones (freshmans) who are trying to figure everything out, we’re all in the same boat together,” said Dillan Saltsman, junior.

Highschool is ultimately the last few years of your life you have with friends and family before travelling off and experiencing the real world. Make as many memories as possible and have a growth mindset.