Setting sports records at RHS


Leslie Diaz-Guerrero, Journalist

At Ripon High, there are a vast number of student- athletes subject to being recognized for representing our school through the sports they love. Having many sports like Football, volleyball, track and field, golf, and more, it is always a great feeling to be recognized for taking part in numerous victories made for the school.

Whether you barely started to play a sport, or have been playing since a young age, setting personal records for yourself, and trying to improve, is something that comes amongst participating in a sport. The outstanding aspect about being a part of a sport or multiple is that you can be recognized alongside your team as a whole or be recognized for the contribution you made to your team’s victory. Junior Gabbi Illardi, like many athletes at RHS, have been wonderful assets to their team consistently and their hard work is shown throughout.

“I would probably say to just keep working at it because hard work really does pay off. It has taken me a while to get where I wanted to be, but I am finally so glad that I kept up the work.” stated Gabbi Illardi, junior. 

Names around the school are familiar to some as many individuals have not only been working towards their own goals surrounding their sport but have been working to break records for the school as well. Students such as Annie Wild, having recently broken the school’s record for the women’s 5,000 meter race, is an example of how hard work can pay off. 

Setting a record for the school is one of the accomplishments that I never thought I could take on […] just to be up there as one of the people that have broken these records is a great feeling.”

— Annie Wild

Being recognized for being a great asset to your team is something many athletes can say to be indescribable. It is to acknowledge the athletes at RHS for showing leadership, breaking records for the school, and representing our student body through their hard work.

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