Players In Power


Ollie Roberts, Journalist

Being named ‘Player of the Game’ is an honor not every player gets. Being named one of the best players on your team for YOUR sport has to be one of the greatest feelings ever. Take it from some of the people that have earned this title already this year, like Dylan DeGraff, senior, or Sierra Barrios, senior. 

After asking who they would have nominated, DeGraff stated not only who but also why he thought two specific people also would’ve deserved ‘Player of the Game’. 

“Honestly there were a lot of people that could of been picked specifically Ethan Day and Caleb Johnston they do a lot of the dirty work that fans don’t notice and it’s so critical to the team’s success,” said DeGraff. 

When someone recognizes you’ve played well, it’s an amazing feeling. Bunches of people noticed those nominated players ‘ ‘ while-playing, DeGraff noticed the well-playing of his two teammates he mentioned. Imagine playing your favorite sport and you feel you did so well and everyone else noticed you played well too. 

“I felt really good knowing others saw I had a great game and it wasn’t just me. I was glad I could play how I did for my teammates,” said Barrios. 

The satisfaction she must’ve felt afterward is just great! Seeing other people recognizing your well-playing is just a very heart-warming feeling. People like Caitlynn Campbell (volleyball), Ben Rodgers (water polo), Kennedy Winter (water polo), Nolan Young (football), and a couple others have all experienced this feeling. Even hearing someone congratulate you after your game ends, it’s the same warm feeling of appreciation. Knowing someone saw YOU, they watched YOU play a great game, is all-in-all a great feeling. Next time you see a player after that’s just laid their heart out onto the field/court/etc., congratulate them, make them know you saw they did well. You never know, maybe they need the recognition. That minor recognition could make their day.