Oops! Embarrassing Moments in High School


Jenny Pfeifer, Journalist

On zoom last year… I didn’t realize my mic was muted and I went on a random rant…,”

— anonymous

     Although we may not all want to talk about it, we have all had embarrassing moments during high school, whether you’re a student or teacher! Although it may not seem funny in the moment or just completely embarrassing, those are some of the funniest memories you can recall later on in life. 

     Everyone can remember making mistakes, and many of those embarrassing ones happened during Zoom; accidentally leaving the mics on, family walking behind you while your camera was on, and so many more.  

     “On zoom last year… I didn’t realize my mic was muted and I went on a random rant because I was on another call with random friends and she realized it so I got in trouble. It was pretty embarrassing, but very funny at the same time,” stated anonymous. 

     “An embarrassing moment would have to be when teachers are saying like ‘okay, I’ll wait’ and you know they’re referring to you,” stated Brian Ochoa, Senior, “especially when you’re having like a full blown discussion with your friend and know you’re being kind of loud… your face just gets super red and it’s really embarrassing,” 

     Coming back to in person learning has been such a great opportunity for students and school staff to socialize and uplift a more positive atmosphere again. With these aspects and others, embarrassing experiences still tend to happen. However, it’s important to understand that no one is alone in this and whatever has happened to you that you think is really embarrassing, has probably happened to so many other students at Ripon High and maybe even teachers/staff.

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