Candy Corn: Yay or Nay?


Angelina Rivara, Journalist

It’s the fall season again! The time of pumpkins, orange leaves, and yes, candy corn! The semi-famous sweet is on everything from hair bows to Thanksgiving advertisements. This brings around the age old debate. Is candy corn a delicious treat for the holiday season, or something to avoid in the cold months of the year? 


“I strongly dislike candy corn. It tastes like plastic that someone added sugar to and was like, here, let’s give this to children,” said Braige Medeiros, sophomore.


That is definitely a popular opinion at RHS. Many students said that they disliked candy corn, but opinion works both ways. Quite a few people said that candy corn is one of their favorites. 


Candy corn itself has an interesting history. It came about in the 1800’s when candy companies targeted American farmers by making ‘agriculture shaped’ products.These included pumpkins, turnips, chestnuts, and the timeless candy corn. 


For many years after its creation, candy corn was sold as a year round product, but one year in the 1950’s, there was a spike in advertising during October. After that, candy corn continued to spike in popularity in late October and early November. Thus, it came to be associated with Halloween and Thanksgiving. 


For those who dislike candy corn of any shape or color, the question of what would be a better ‘fall candy’. Of course, there are many candies and sweets that take the stage in the months between October and December. Some of these include Reese’s Pieces, pumpkin pie, and anything ‘pumpkin spice’ flavored. However, people have some unique opinions about what could be candy corn’s substitute.


“I feel like the green apple caramel lollipops are good…. Maybe popcorn with chocolate drizzle or something,” said Grace Grinder, junior.


Overall, however, there seems to be a tie at Ripon High School. There are quite a few people on each side of the argument.