Unique Thanksgiving Food


Jenny Pfeifer, Journalist

That’s like our basic type of unique Thanksgiving food is rice and meatballs”

— Massoud Shetab, Senior.

Every year around this time that is so close to Thanksgiving, everyone starts to brainstorm and prepare anything from the decorations to the delicious food. Of course many people celebrate Thanksgiving with meals like turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, or yams but what about the non traditional Thanksgiving meals?

“That’s like our basic type of unique Thanksgiving food is rice and meatballs,” stated Massoud Shetab, Senior. 

Many times people pass down recipes from generation to generation in one family, or make their own. Everything always tastes better when it’s made from scratch! 

“Sometimes we will go out and get Taco Bell because we don’t like what grandma made, but then at the same time there will be really good food there,” stated Ben Rodgers, Freshman.

Even if scratch isn’t always the best, some families may even get a quick bite from fast food chains or dine in at nice restaurants. No matter where your food comes from or what it is, the point of bringing people together to enjoy it and each other is what Thanksgiving is really all about. So whether you make something from scratch, or eat fast food, or dine from a fine restaurant this year, remember to have a happy Thanksgiving!  

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