Astrofest Disaster


Emily Paxton, Journalist

On Nov. 13 2021, Travis Scott’s well known concert and festival, Astrofest, took place at the NRG Park in Houston. Astrofest is based off of Travis Scott’s hit album “Astroworld”, released in August of 2018. Many people attended this festival expecting a fun time with friends and seeing their favorite artists perform. This, however, did not end up happening. 

During this soon to be devastating night, many artists such as Tame Impala, Earth Wind & Fire, SZA and Young Thug, Bad Bunny, Lil Baby, 22 Savage, Master P, and Chief Keef would be performing and used as opening acts for Scott. Alongside Scott, his guest star was Drake. After SZA performed, chaos started to rise. Drake went on with Travis to perform “Sicko Mode” on stage. 

When this took place, the disastrous night occurred. Looking at the concert, mosh pits full of people being trampled were started, and people were lying on the floor.. Witnesses say a man was injecting people with a needle causing them to drop on the floor. The crowd was surrounded by EMT vehicles trying to reach the victims. All while this chaos was happening, Travis continued to perform. 

A devastating sight to see, and a very scary turn of events. Twisted opinions of fans and out lookers the next day flooded social media. A total of 8 people were found unconscious and pronounced dead. Influencers, witnesses, and followers of Travis all had an opinion on his actions and the way he treated the seriousness of the concert.

“I think it was messed up how he continued to perform knowing what was happening in the crowd.” said Benjamin Svoboda, freshman.

Supporters and non supporters believe this is a sad experience that took place and affected many people traumatically and physically. When asked if they supported Travis Scott, students around the Ripon High campus replied.

“Honestly I never did just because I never got into his music,” said Jaeyln Meeuwse, junior.

Travis Scott recently released an apology video and most fans have turned it into a meme due to the tone of his voice and his movements in the video. Did you hear about the devastating events that took place? Were you ever a fan of Travis?

“I’m a fan of his music, I don’t think it had anything to do with him. It was just an astrofest and the people.” said Skyler Ortiz, sophomore.

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