Behind the Scenes of DUDE. Be Nice


Annie Wild, Journalist

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DUDE. be Nice week has come to a close. There were many activities throughout the week that led up to the reveal of the winner, Sam Green, the campus supervisor. Having these activities helped students get involved and to know one another better throughout the week. The question is, who put on these activities?

Ripon High clubs worked together to provide food, activities, and events for the students. The clubs involved were United, Yearbook, Drama Club, JROTC, Kindness Club, FFA, Leadership, and GSA. United and GSA gave out OREOs, Yearbook set up a photobooth, FFA gave out hot chocolate, Kindness and Drama Club wrote inspirational messages over the campus grounds, and JROTC made cards for the DUDETTE Sam. This was the first year the recipient was female, meaning the clubs had to work hard to make the week one to remember. 

“My favorite part of helping was knowing that we were doing something to help another person feel good and be happy,” stated Taryn Escola, junior.  

For the members of the clubs who helped out, the most important thing was making sure that what they were doing served a purpose. Making students and Green feel important and loved was the main focus of the clubs who participated. 

“I helped FFA with setting up hot chocolate, […] it was really cool to put all of it together to help celebrate someone else,” said Maddie Stewart, sophomore. 

Having the opportunity to create a positive environment for students was a great part of the celebration. The way students and clubs came together to prepare for the announcement of the DUDETTE helped the 2021 celebration be one to remember.

“DUDE. Be Nice is about spreading positivity, which is what the Kindness Club stands for and it also involved a lot of creativity so everyone could come together and spread that kindness as well,” said Elisabella Franco Carreno.