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Baley Gardette, Journalist


Ripon High has a variety of sports to choose from, even sports some of our students have never heard of! In the early hours of the morning, some students come to school, and practice in the gym as a zero period. They practice almost daily, every morning, excluding Tuesdays! Every couple of months, our teams head off to other schools to compete for trophies. Ripon Highs very own Drill team! 

“I wouldn’t say it’s an easy sport. It’s a lot of precision…practice in the morning, we all  just woke up, we’re all a little drowsy, it takes a level of willpower to get up that early in the morning and do what you need to do.” Skyler Ortiz, sophomore.

Drill, in simplified explanation, is an aligned group or squad of people marching a certain series of commands while trying to stay as sharp as possible. The sport is very sharp and neat, the team aligned in rows and columns. There are even categories of drill, such as armed, unarmed, color guard, unarmed-ex, and armed-ex. Drill is a sport that requires timing, focus, and, as Ortiz said, precision. 

Certainly a sport that requires discipline and focus, as any sport really! No squad is ready to march or move without a drill captain, a teacher and a leader.

“It’s like you’re teaching someone and I love teaching people which is why I’m also a first sergeant…It’s more about the experience of being able to command and being a leader.” Ella Perry, junior.

Much is expected of a drill captain. They are required to teach newbies all about the basics and movements and marching. They must prepare their teams for competition, it is a big responsibility and position. There can be up to 50 commands in a performance at competition! Drill captains are required to memorize and have their squad all those commands in order. Sounds like a lot! It’s great we have Perry who finds joy in teaching and being a true leader in the sport! All the practice, almost every school day morning, leads up to the competitions!

“It’s scored based on following a command list, a series of different commands that are called and how the cadets perform those commands.” Brandon Boyce, senior. 

The drill team is expected to perform the command list and show true precision throughout. They can also be expected to be graded on appearance and the drill captain is scored on how well they command their squad. From reporting in to reporting out there is a lot of focus and adrenaline in the teams minds and bodies! Winning a trophy or two makes the months of rehearsing feel worth it.

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