Winter Productivity


Haven Gutierrez, Journalist

     Winter, a time of hot cocoa, ice skating, and of course, the anticipation of Christmas. This time of year can certainly be the most exciting, but with the shorter days and longer nights, it is very common to struggle with motivation and keeping up your levels of productivity. Doing common tasks such as homework, chores, or daily exercise may seem like more of a challenge when it’s darker much earlier and if you can’t find the right motivation. This article will include some advice and tips to maximize your productivity.

     First off, the best way to become more productive is to limit the distracting factors in your life, which to most of us, is our phone. Now this is easier said than done because we usually use our phone when doing homework or even listening to music when we do tasks, but this is not impossible. Iphones have a new “focus mode” which limits what screens you’re allowed to access, which has helped many people. 

     “With the new iphone there is a new feature where you can create your own focus mode, so with that focus mode you can limit your screen to only certain ones, so I have a screen just dedicated to school stuff, so I put it on the focus mode and I can’t go onto Instagram, Snapchat, or any of those so I only do my school work[…]” stated Avery Redula, Senior.

     Procrastination is also another bad habit that many struggle with, making everyone less productive and falling into bad routines and laziness. Putting off completing an assignment can snowball the amount of work that we have to do, and increase stress levels unnecessarily.

      “I have a whiteboard and I write everything I need to do down, and then I plan it out and I just do what I prioritize first, and I do that and it’s always dark and it’s really sad, but I just try to ignore it and continue on with my day even though it’s kind of dark and depressing” stated Maria Nessim, Junior.

     Everyone has their own struggles with motivation and everyone has their own ways of overcoming it. These tips may prove to be beneficial, or they may not, but ultimately it is up to you to find ways that will help you.

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