Almond Blossom Festival


Brian E. Gutierrez, Journalist

This year, the 60th Annual Almond Blossom Festival was announced to start February 24-27. Many fun activities will be running on these dates starting Thursday, such as the fun Carnival Rides, Vendors, Parade, Fun Run, Diaper Derby, and Miss Ripon Competition. The festival this year started at Main Street and made its way to the Community Center. The Parade began at 1 in the afternoon; it began with an awesome introduction with beautiful dancing horses, which followed the Almond Blossom Queen and candidates behind her.

“I honestly enjoyed the parade a lot. It had its own way of creativity and was really cool to see before going to the carnival. My family personally enjoyed it, especially when the horses came dancing. Something different for sure,” said Ayleen Alcala, junior.

The Festival also had its own float presenting all Miss Ripon Queens since 1963. There was a group of older gentlemen riding mini golf carts going in circles; you could see the enjoyment in the audience’s eyes.

Some RHS clubs that were part of this year’s festival were FFA, JRTC, and more. Star Wars characters were also part of the parade, high-fiving all the kids, followed by a truck of almonds passing out almond bags to everyone attending the Festival.

“I thought the Festival was pretty cool. I liked when the horses came by dancing and when the Star Wars characters came, all the kids started going crazy for them,” said Maria Barajas, junior.