2022 Almond Blossom Candidates


Leslie Diaz-Guerrero, Journalist

Ripon’s Annual Almond Blossom Week ran from the 24th to the 27th of February this year. It was incorporated with tons of opportunities to get involved and further connect as the small town that we are. Every year there are many competitions and chances available for those who hope to get involved within the community and further contribute to others’ Almond Blossom experience.

One of the activities available for all Ripon Junior girls who are interested, is competing for the title of Almond Blossom Queen for the weekend following coronation and the Miss Ripon title for the remainder of the year. This year it was the 60th annual anniversary of the Almond Blossom Coronation and the contestants this year were very excited to participate in activities that would not only bring them closer together but bring them further connections in the community.

wanted to be a part of my community and I wanted to be a good example for younger girls who want to take on this same position. I would definitely recommend this to any upcoming Ripon Juniors if they want to get a great once in lifetime experience.”

— Inez Rodriguez

Every year there are junior girls who run for the position from both of the highschools in town, Ripon Christian and Ripon High. This year there were 15 contestants overall and of those 15, 10 were from RHS. This year’s roster of girls from RHS included familiar faces such as Shay Cunningham, Annie Wild, Mackenzie Loechler, Heaven Elisary, Chloe Price, Jade Diaz, Brianna Alverez, Brooke Barros, Inez Rodriguez, and Hailey Kneif.

“My experience was amazing, I loved the commonory between me and the other contestants. I would recommend it as it was a good confidence boost and I found that it built character overall,” explained Almond Blossom contestant, Annie Wild.

Being a part of the Almond Blossom court and being a contestant is an experience a lot agreed was unforgettable. Not only was the process a learning experience but also a fun filled one.

“I learned that the community of Ripon is very unique, and that everybody is connected in their own way. I also learned that everybody in our community has a story and that they are really interesting people,” described Shay Cunningham.


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