The New Covid Variant


Brian E. Gutierrez, Journalist

The BA.2 (new covid variant) is about 50% to 60% more transmissible than Omicron, but it does not appear to be more severe. This new variant is estimated to account for about 25-30% of all new cases in the U.S.  U.S. Health experts are warning that the Covid Omicron (BA.2) could lead to another uptick in coronavirus cases. Many students at Ripon High have different thoughts about this big news, especially since the mask mandate has been lifted. Many students are worried about their health and others are worried about what might change with school policies.

“(…) I’m not surprised there’s a new one (…) lifting the mask mandate is going to cause covid to mutate more because we still don’t have herd immunity from covid since a number of people aren’t vaccinated.” Naomi Wilbur, Senior.

Many students are aware of this new variant due to news networks, social media, family members, etc. While other students were completely surprised by this news and had no idea what was happening with the history of covid. Other students were also not aware but weren’t surprised at all, since many rules are being lifted which could cause the virus to spread more or new variants to come.

“My family found out from social media, I feel like we are slowly overcoming Covid so we can most likely overcome this.” Mina Armanious, Freshman. 

Many students from campus believe the new covid variant won’t cause schools to change their policies regarding their masks, social distancing, and seating chart placement. Others think otherwise, since Ripon High School’s top priority is the safety of us students, yet they might receive lots of backlash from parents or the community. Students just wish for the best so that this pandemic can end quickly.

“I feel like everyone wont react to this variant as bad since we already grew out of it, but at the same time I believe that the schools might change their mask policy.” Ayleen Alcala, Junior.

Not only are students worried, but there’s also a lot of worry from family members. Some students still wear their face masks since they have family members that are pregnant, have a weak immune system, etc. They don’t want them to catch the virus since it will be extremely deadly for them. Some families have taken more precautions since the pandemic started. 

“(…)I’m not scared of the new variant, but on the other hand, my parents are since we already had covid before, and they got hit harder than I did with the symptoms.” Maria Barajas, Junior.