RHS March Madness Results


Faith Yuen, Editor

Ripon High has put on the annual March Madness for as long as people can remember, with the exception of COVID years. This year, we were finally able to resume the tournament with this year’s shooter being the one and only BigDaddy Perez! Sign-ups happened the week of March 3rd, and there were 64 spots available in order to guess how many free throws that Perez would make out of 20 in each round. 

During each round, there was a bracket formed so that people would go head to head, and the person guessing who was closest to the amount of free throws that Perez actually made would advance to the next round. After a total of 6 rounds, the last two guessers left were Ripon High’s beloved english teacher, Mr. Musseman, along with our loved P.E. teacher, Mrs. Taa. In the end, Musseman won first place in the 2021-22 March Madness tournament and was awarded with a free pizza. 

“It was all just a guess trying to factor in what a decent free throw percentage is,” Musseman says. 

Musseman is very involved around school with activities and sports as he coaches for football and golf. He says that he didn’t really have much of a strategy when it came to putting in his guesses for each round of how many free throws Perez was going to make, and it was more based off of what he thought a good percentage he thought was reasonable. 

“I feel like I am a pretty competitive person, and that factors into most things I do,” said Musseman. 

Musseman’s competitiveness plays into a lot of the things he does, and that is no different with this March Madness tournament. His competitive attitude allowed him to fight until the end. 

“It was fun to see how everyone progressed, and it was nice to see Perez have some good rounds,” Muss says.