Senior Parking Lot Sign-ups


Brian E. Gutierrez, Journalist

Thanks to the RHS booster club, they are running their annual fundraiser for upcoming seniors (class of 2023), giving them an opportunity to buy their own parking spot and paint their own designs for the whole year just for themselves. It’s an opportunity to customize and design your preferred parking spot to show off the “Indian” spirit. Each senior student will be picking up their “Paint The Lot With Pride” packet in front of the school office. Students will need to plan which parking spot they wish, either in the shade, next to their friend, and an easy spot to park or reverse to exit out, etc. 

Many students are planning to express their feelings and emotions in their drawings. Students are nervous and yet excited, wondering if they will be able to draw on pure rocky, bumpy concrete. Students custom designs must be school appropriate and follow student handbook code of conduct guidelines and be approved by the booster club and RHS administration before being painted. Many students are thinking of going full out with their painting but doubt they could draw specific details on their parking spot. RHS booster club is charging $150 plus $10+ additional fee, not including the water base paint.

“I’m interested in signing up because it’s a senior privilege that we’ll only be able to have for our last year. I want to make my senior year memorable and painting a spot with my friends is a memory I wish to have.” Joselin Figueroa, junior.

Ripon High has a special and generous sponsor giving away a free parking spot. There will be a special QR code in the superfan app once applications have been turned in. Once you have checked in you are automatically put in the rafle and could win a free parking spot. You can’t win if you don’t check in!

Once students have completed their form completely, including their vehicle information and copies of insurance, they will need to be turned in on April 13th at a random location in Ripon. They will start getting in line at 6:30am. Around 6:00a.m RHS Booster Clubs instagram page (@riponhighboosterclub) will be announcing a random location in Ripon that isnt school campus. Students are not allowed to camp out on the school parking lot, if done so they will lose their senior parking spot privileges and won’t be able to get it. Waiting patiently at home is the way to go rhs!