German Fernandez Track Meet


Alyson Harvey, Journalist

The German Fernandez meet is meant for all the distance runners to go out and have a meet at night. On 15 April, the Ripon High track team got to participate in this meet. This meet is meant to be a fun time for the distance runners so they play music. This meet is also known to be the meet where everyone PRs. 

“I think it was fun because it was all distance. And there were different events like the floor by 800, which was something that we don’t really get to do every day. I also like that this is a meet only for the distance people because a lot of the time distance doesn’t get recognition,” said Jenna Skavdahl, sophomore. 

This meet is also fun for the runners because they blast music. Some of the music is upbeat and some of it is slow, but in the end, it is meant to hype up the runners and help them get excited to run their races. The music also helps the runners not focus on how tired they are and it gives them something to focus on while running which also may help them lead to a PR. 

“This meet was really fun for me. It’s a great time to get together with other schools in the area and run with music. It’s really just a great night for PRs for multiple athletes,” said Annie Wild, junior.  

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In this meet, the runner runs at night. This is very different from running in the daytime for the runners. There are many different opinions on running at night. Some of the runners like it because it is a different setting, and they also get to see the sunset before they run. However, some runners don’t like it because the wind starts to pick up at night. They also just don’t like running at night and prefer running with the sun out. 

“Although it can negatively affect your time because of the weather, it is more relaxing because the night feel is so different than running in the sun. Overall I prefer running in the night,” said Devin Fitzpatrick, sophomore. 

Since this meet is meant for the runners they also get to incorporate the 4 x 800 which many of the long-distance runners love. In all this meet is really fun for the distance runners to reconnect and get a break from running in the faster events.