Night of Enchantment at Prom


Rogelio Gonzalez II, Journalist

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This year’s prom venue was held at Rustic Ranch in Manteca. Lights hanging across the beautiful trees, table pieces and candles for table decor, photo booths for friends and dates to capture memories, and a dance floor accompanied by a DJ to dance the night away. 

“I liked the lights that they had underneath the dance floor. I enjoyed that it was in nature, out in the country so you can see the sunset. I also enjoyed how they decorated the table with the two table cloths and how it was the same color for the chairs,” stated Cody Wiggins, senior.

Prom King, Queen, Prince, and Princess were announced at 9:30 by Mr. Rangel, Ripon High’s principal. The candidates had been voted for previously during the week by students. Voiced by the students, Joseph Ortman and Ellie Everhart were crowned Prom King and Queen this past weekend, and Jalen Wilson and Makenzie Loechler were both crowned Prom Prince and Princess.

I was surprised for sure, I was excited but also stressed because I knew I had to finish planning prom and knew it was gonna be awkward if I had to crown myself”

— Makenzie Loechler

,” stated Makenzie Loechler.

At the same time Prom King, Queen, Prince, and Princess were being announced, the cutest couple of prom was also being announced at 9:30. Just like the royalty, the cutest couple was voted upon by the students throughout the week. The students voted and decided that the cutest couple at prom should be Skye Waibel and Ash Franco-Carreno.

“I thought ‘I can’t believe this is actually happening.’ I was surprised and super excited when everyone started cheering. I knew a few people voted for us, but not that many,” stated Ash Franco-Carreno, junior.