Everything to Know About Your Schedule


Diana Diaz Aguirre, Journalist

Highschool offers students the opportunity to adventure through many courses, although for incoming freshmen, this can be an overwhelming idea. A schedule can have a huge influence on giving the students the easiest and most successful school year. Making sure students are positive about the classes they wish to take is a main concern for Ripon High School, and it is in our best interest to make lives easier for students. 

A high school schedule usually consists of seven periods, excluding lunch period and advisory. In exception for block days, a class would usually last around 45-60 minutes. For many students, it is crucial to organize their classes in an easy and convenient order. 

If you are wondering how to change a class, fortunately it is not too late. Your Ripon High School counselors are easy and quick to get a hold of. Categorized by last names, Mike Morenzone is in charge of Alpha A-L, and Marybel Reyes-Nungaray is in charge of Alpha M-Z. Their contact information, as well as schedule information, can be found on Ripon High’s official website. 

Students have the first two weeks to switch classes, if it fits into their schedule. They can not switch a class because of who is teaching the class, or if they are doing badly in the class due to missing assignments, and they can not switch and move into other classes if the other classes are full. Most last minute schedule changes are done because a person might be placed in the wrong class. Once a student has their schedules, there usually is not a lot of movement allowed because most of our classes are full,” stated Morenzone. 

As stated, Morenzone explains the process of a last minute schedule change. By sorting classes early, students save themselves from stress and difficulty in the future with a schedule change. Counselors are buzzed with emails, and it is only fair to give enough notice. Do not hesitate to reach out and ask questions, our Ripon High staff and council are here to help.