Climate Change Catrastrophe


Climate change has been outrageous here in Ripon, CA, and people are not too thrilled about it. The weather used to be predictable, but now, people are wondering whether it’ll be scorching hot or cool the next day. Each season lasts for at least two to three months and now, it seems like we may not have a fall at all this year. 

School is back and people are dying for fall to start, it’s most definitely not pleasant going to school while it’s more than 95 degrees. The week of Sept. 4, 2022, is the hottest it’ll ever be. On Sept. 5, it’s 109 degrees, Sept. 6, the hottest day of the week, is a high of 115 degrees, then Sept. 7 decreases to 108 degrees! It’s dangerous to be out in this heat, especially during school, since there’s a possibility you could have a heat stroke and those are terrifying to experience.

On the bright side, hot days like these give you a chance to go out for a swim! It’s always refreshing to go swimming in your pool, or to travel to a lake or ocean. Plus, you can barbecue and hang out with friends or family and have a great time. You could also stay inside your home with the comfort of staying nice and cool. However, if you have to go to school, you have the feeling of swimming in your own pool of sweat. 

School should be canceled on days that are more than at least 102 degrees because none of the students and staff want to go to school during this heat and it can be a struggle to stay hydrated, especially if you run out of water. This also proves that the school needs more water fountains and stations to fill up your water bottle placed around the school. Some schools in the country have snow days, right? Well, our school needs heat or smoke days!

“It’s a fact, it’s happening and we should do something about it. It’s been caused by our generation and I hope your generation can figure it out,” says Mr. Brown, biology teacher.

Brown believes that climate change is a major issue and that the fires in California are terrible, especially the smoke around here locally. He wouldn’t be surprised that some time in the next 10 years, heat or smoke days happen, especially during the months of May and August. 

What do you think about climate change? Is it a major issue or is it something we will have to live with?