Girls Volleyball’s Rival Match


With a pass set and a hit our JV lady indians led us to victory against our rivals, the Escalon cougars! On Wednesday, September 14th girls volleyball played the cougars of EHS. Our Varsity also had an amazing game with the cougars but they did not get as fortunate as the JV. We are still very proud of our Varsity with their amazing effort and spirit. Freshman Adriana Dorn on varsity says,”I think we just need to improve on keeping the same energy throughout the entire game”, when asked “what do you guys think you need to improve on as a team?”

On this note let’s get back to the absolutely victorious Junior Varsity volleyball team! With the first set having a rocky start they made an incredible comeback, and gave Escalon a run for their money. We saw an incredibly strong arm from Olivia Maragos who made the first ace of the game. Our very own Shayla Mckeon was on a roll racking up a countless number of points. To end this impressive set was a winning point by Emily Paxton. In this next set the very first point was scored by us. Building up anticipation was Olivia who scored the 24th point. The crowd was on the edge of their seats waiting forthe next point. This set went on to an unbelievable score of 27 to 25, with the winning point of a block by Maragos. Freshman player Leia Chu says, “JV is undefeated right now, that I know of. I think that their team has so much chemistry with each other, and just knowing that, it shows how it pays off on the court. I’m sure it’s not just me who looks up to many of the girls on the team.” If you’re looking for an opportunity to show some RHS spirit come watch our unstoppable volleyball teams!