Upcoming News On JROTC


The cadet staff sergeant, Ella Parsons, provided us with a wealth of information regarding the many new developments now taking place in JROTC. The person in charge of public affairs, Jaya Chandar, also briefed us on some information as well. She informed us of the forthcoming activities and the current state of JROTC. Right now, the JLAB competition is approaching occasion. They might earn up to a trip to Washington, DC in a competition focused on leadership. JROTC is also putting the finishing touches on their awesome homecoming float! Their group chose the song “Surf Crazy” from the film Teen Beach Movie. The staff is currently concentrating their efforts on preparing the snack shack for Fridays and developing their float. The next upcoming snack shack is homecoming week. JROTC staff is also putting up your local main street flags. For those who take part in JROTC 0 period, there is a drill competition on October 15. The drill competition consists of marching and color guard.  Marching and color guard competitions make up the drill competition. Members engage in physical training on Mondays and Fridays, and as is obvious to all, on Wednesdays, they dress in formation uniforms and practice marching techniques. Right now, the S1 shop is preparing rewards for upcoming formations, and the top 3 are organizing tasks for the following year. The classroom is accessible to new students starting each school year if you are considering JROTC! The atmosphere in the class encourages teamwork.